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Mangroove Band Introduction

Looking for live music performance on your special occasion?

Mangroove band offer the live music performance for wedding, piano solo, MC, birthday, celebrations, anniversary or any occasional music performance.

The performance we offer as below:
1. Unplug Band Performance:
P1: 3-piece live band comprising 3 performers
P2: 4-piece live band comprising 4 performers
P3: 5-piece live band comprising 5 performers
P4: 6-piece live band comprising 6 performers
2. Piano Solo
3. Emcee service

Our performers and musicians are well experienced in live music band performance since year 2009. Mangroove band had more than 500 live performance experience in Wedding Event, Company Event, Home party, Count down event etc. We took part in few University carnival performance, song compose competition and have regular performance at Penang cafe. You are always welcome to visit us during our performance at café. Our musicians are adept in several types of music such as Pop, Jazz, Romantic music, Country song. Our performers also familiar to multi languages songs such as Chinese, English, Cantonese and Hokkien.

Our band charges are reasonable.

For more detail information, please do not hesitate to drop us a call or e-mail us.

E-mail: mangroove09@gmail.com
Contact Person: Yong Hoong Seng (+60125606648) or Lee Jia Wei (+60164942416)


Mangroove 乐队为顾客提供大小型的音乐表演如:婚礼乐队表演,钢琴独奏,歌唱,司仪,生日派对,周年纪念等盛事。

1.3人乐队 /4人乐队/5人乐队/6人乐队

Mangroove Band 成立于2009年,超过500场表演经验于婚礼活动公司活动倒数活乐队动表演等等。我们的表演者拥有丰富的音乐表演经验,曾参与无数的大学音乐发表会,音乐创作比赛,也经常在槟城的民歌餐厅驻唱。非常欢迎各位尊贵的客户到我们驻唱的餐厅观看我们的现场演出。我们擅长于华语,英文,广东,福建歌曲。歌路有流行歌曲,爵士音乐等。


联络:杨鸿盛(+60125606648)或 李家玮(+60164942416)



  1. U guys are great! I will definitely give you guys a call again when i have another house party !! you guys rock!

  2. i will call you guys when i am getting married.. haha.. well done!

  3. got come to srwk to perform? ticket not included..haha =X

  4. 尼古 said...

    got come to srwk to perform? ticket not included..haha =X


    Ticket no need provide, but pls provide accodomation and food :P

  5. Thanks for singing at my outlet's opening the other night....your band performed brilliantly and as promised, I'm in discussion with management to have you guys singing on a regular basis...Will contact you soon..Cheers !

  6. will u do the performance @ penang?

  7. Hi,

    Sorry for this belated compliment to you all.

    You all did very good performance on yesterday night event @ Vistana Hotel, Penang. Thanks for cheering up the dinner. :-)

    /Chrisia Koay